Free Wedding Clipart

Wedding clip art is a great way to enhance your wedding related website, invitations or announcements. Browse our collection of free wedding clip art and if you find a clip art image you like, simply right-click and save! We have many wedding clip art categories to choose from, wedding couples, brides, grooms, dance, music, wedding cake, flowers, photo, video, rings and more.

Some or our free wedding clip art images are also available as a larger, higher quality image. In these instances, the wedding clip art image will be a clickable link that will take you to the larger image.

Free Wedding Clip Art Categories
Brides Cake Couples Dance
Flowers Grooms Music Photo
Rings Video Wedding Wedding Misc

Please do not link directly to our wedding clip art images. In some cases, an image file may be renamed causing the image not to display on your website. Instead, we ask that you download the clip art graphics and upload them to your own website or use one of the many free image hosts that are available online like ImageShack or Photobucket.

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